Licensed Specialists in Frankfurt for Construction Law, Regulation of Architects

We are a medium-sized law firm that concentrates its practice in those areas of German statutory and regulatory law applicable to construction, developers, architects, public procurement contracting, insurance and liability as well as other incidental legal areas.

As licensed legal specialists for construction law and the regulation of architects in germany we represent clients in construction law related matters, fee disputes and damage claims. In the area of insurance and liability law we are retained to both prosecute and defend damage claims.

In the area of construction law our representation of both owners and contractors ranges from initial contract structuring to acceptance of delivery and prosecution of claims of defect or rights to compensation. In matters affecting developers we specialize in drafting initial contract terms designed to prevent later legal disputes and disadvantages.

We draft construction and facility construction contracts as well as architectural agreements attuned to the needs of each of our clients. As legal advisors to on-going construction projects we handle everything from acquiring building rights to the finishing of construction and sale of a property.

In the area of procurement law we represent the rights of private business vis-à-vis public contracting agencies at hearings held before public procurement tribunals. Likewise, we advise public procurement offices on services procurement.

With high quality counsel and careful strategic planning we always look to avoid litigation in matters entrusted to us. However, our many years of experience also allow us to zealously represent your interests in court.

Our clients come to us from every business sector and geographic area.

We would welcome the opportunity to serve you as well.